Luigi’s cat mom had just filled a basket of fresh laundry straight from the dryer and set it on her bedroom floor when the lion cat’s little head perked up. He absolutely adored curling up in a warm and fuzzy load of clean laundry. Luigi the Lion Cat’s mom knew this very well and went about her chores just as she normally would. The furry feline slinked over to the basket of linens as though he was getting away with something before stealthily climbing in and curling himself into a ball. It wasn’t long at all before Luigi was fast asleep with his padded little paws covering his nose and eyes.

His cat mom peeked into the room and just as she had suspected, there he was peacefully slumbering in her laundry basket. “Sweet dreams, little Luigi,” she whispered from the doorway. And as she walked away, she wondered to herself just what little lion cats dreamt of. 

Meanwhile, Luigi the Lion Cat was prancing around his castle in dreamland because he was obviously a king there. His faithful subjects ooed and awed at his fierce lion like presence as he sat down to his table for a fanciful feast of tuna steaks and sardines. His crown was made of the finest jewels and he preferred to wear it slightly tilted since he thought was more stylish. Luigi was served up the most delightful platter of sardines for an appetizer as he watched his court jester Maia the Bunny Rabbit perform silly magic tricks.

His friend, Maia often played the part of court jester in his dreams. He enjoyed seeing her dressed in funny outfits and acting foolishly. He invited sweet Maia to join him for the main course and they all dug in to some enormous tuna steaks. It really was good to be king, Luigi the Lion Cat thought to himself.