Hi Friends! Hope things are well and sorry I’ve been MIA. I had to put aside my cat bowties and take some time to create my Halloween costume.  Many of you might have seen the new Netflix Originals “Stranger Things” one of the best, most intriguing shows I’ve seen in a while. I fell in love with the main character Eleven from the very start, gifted little girl with mysterious past and I knew I had to get Stranger Things Eleven Costume for myself.  I have no doubt hers will be the most popular costume of 2016 and you will see many Elevens running around and eating Eggos.

I didnt’ want to miss the opportunity to be popular this Halloween, so I went on a quest to find myself that cute 80’s style pink dress that Eleven wore on the show.  For the lack of any good pattens (at least at that time, because now they are everywhere)  I decided to create my own dress.  This by no means is a tutorial, I just wanted to share my final product with you, because I’m super excited to wear it.

Thanks to my wonderful Mom I’ll have the best costume and you can too if you have time to make it.

Things I used to make the dress: pink and white cotton/polyester fabric, zipper, fusible web, elastic sewing thread.

Materials for Stranger Things Eleven Costume


I took a dress pattern that I found at Joann’s and re-made it into my own by lengthening the sleeves and making them more puffy.


I drew my pattern on the cardboard paper and cut it out to make the details.

Dress Pattern Eleven Stranger Things

Here are the details that I got:

Sleeve, Skirt, Back of the Top

Eleven Stranger Things Costume

Eleven Stranger Things Dress DIY

For the front of the Top Mom used elastic thread instead of smocking.

Eleven Stranger Things Dress DIY


After all the details were ready, we put together the dress and here is the result.  I think it looks a lot like the original Eleven Stranger Things Dress, what do you think?


DIY Stranger Things Eleven Costume


Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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