I got Luigi when he was only 8 weeks old, tiny precious fur ball full of personality, it was love at first sight.  Luigi is my very first cat ever, so many lessons learned along the way.  Luigi helped me through some emotional struggles, his comforting presence calmed me. He taught me patience and acceptance. I say this while smiling and thinking about my 5am meowing alarm clock. Together we’ve been through firsts of everything, first hairballs and nail trims, first baths, first fleas and first allergies. Allergies is actually something that we both have in common, except Luigi’s are more severe.

It wasn’t easy to diagnose Luigi’s allergies, it took some time and dedication. I take my own health very seriously and I do the same for my favorite feline. I want to ensure he has access to the best care that makes a lifetime of paws-abilities paws-ible and that’s why I chose to look for an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinarian practice near me.

Here are why pet owners choose AAHA-accredited veterinarian hospitals:

  • AAHA evaluates practices on more than 900 standards of veterinary excellence
  • AAHA-accredited veterinary practices are safe and ensure pet safety through various checkpoints, no matter if your animal is receiving a routine checkup or a larger procedure.
  • AAHA – accredited veterinary practices lead the industry in proactive, preventative care.

I first heard about AAHA from an online veterinarian whom I called to ask for advice.  I wanted to find the best care for Luigi, I wanted my concerns taken seriously. When your pet can’t eat most of the ingredients on a commercially produced pet food it is clearly a concern. She told me that I should find an accredited practice through AAHA, if possible feline friendly and I’m so happy I listened!

You and your pet can enjoy years of paws-abilities. Follow my lead and find your local AAHA-accredited veterinary practice near you. Visit www.FindMyAAHA.com for more details.