Rocky The Fluffy Fighter slumbered in the dark, dreaming of adventure. As his little cat snores filled the room, the first golden rays of sunshine appeared and began to brighten the house. Rocky’s eyes shot open.  “Wow, a whole new day ahead and so much to do and see!”, the little Fluffy Fighter thought. Rocky got up and began his journey through the house. This journey always began on each bright new day since he had started living in this new home of his with his loving parents and his bright orange brother, and each day he wanted to see more and find more secrets in all the wonder around him. “Woah, look at this, and look at that, and what’s under here?!” Rocky thought to himself as he zoomed around the house from room to room, peaking under the fridge and behind shelves. Rocky was mesmerized by everything he laid his eyes on and there was always so much to see, so many little things and big things and hidden things as well! Rocky leaped onto couches in the living room, and dashed through the hall, he wriggled his way into closets and would even pry open cabinets with his paws of grey fur. As soon as he found something new it became old and it was time to find something else. “What a great day it is to look for things and look at things and play with everything I can find!” said Rocky in a flurry of meows.

Luigi The Lion Cat meanwhile, was sitting at his favorite window and trying to ignore Rocky’s wild chase of “adventure and nonsense” as he had put it before the last time Rocky had invited him along. This time once more, Rocky ran to his brother and said “Join me Luigi! There’s so much to see and so much to do! Why would you want to just sit in one place when there are so many places to sit?” “I have better things to do you silly kitten, just because you are easily amused does not mean I must share in your silliness” replied Luigi. Rocky was puzzled, “Silly? Oh it’s not silly brother, it’s amazing! I’ve seen so much today and explored and adventured!” Luigi turned back to look out the window, ignoring Rocky.

“Too bad,” thought Rocky, “maybe he’ll change his mind tomorrow but for now I must look for a snack. My belly wants food and I need more energy to continue my adventure!”

Rocky left Luigi sitting by his window and dashed into the kitchen, looking for things to munch. “Pots, and pans, and dishes. Cans and jars and tissues! None of this will do! Why oh why is there nothing for-“ and then Rocky spotted it. Wrapped in plastic, golden brown and sliced into so many purrrrrfect pieces: “Oh my, it’s bread!” Rocky’s eyes widened and mouth watered, it was the snack that he loved and could never have when the humans were around. Rocky flung himself onto the bread in its bag, tearing apart the plastic wrapping to get the prize within.

With the wrapping apart, the soft doughy goodness was all his! The gray troublemaker plunged his teeth into the bread and pulled off a chunk. “Mmmmeow it’s so good!” thought Rocky as he chewed, purring in happiness. But just then his cat mom had entered the kitchen. “Rocky, stop eating that! Bad kitty!” she exclaimed as she pulled him away and hid the bread. “Noooooo, I must have it, it is the greatest food of all!” Rocky meowed, but the human could not understand.

She dropped him off near Luigi, and went back to clean up the mess he had made. Rocky sat next to Luigi and sulked. “She took away the bread Luigi, I wanted it but I’m not allowed! It’s so unfair!” But Luigi was unmoved by his brothers sadness, “That stuff is bad for you, stop being a fool.” Rocky had lost his desire of adventure and sat still. Luigi looked at him and began to feel sorry for his brother, as annoying as he could be. “Here, look outside” Luigi told Rocky. Rocky looked up at Luigi, and then out the window. Outside he saw trees, and birds flying. He gazed up at the clouds and watched cars pass by. “Wow! There’s so much to see, so many amazing things! No wonder you sit here all the time, this is amazing!” said Rocky with a newfound excitement. Luigi sighed, “Yes Rocky, it is. Now watch, and be quiet.”

And for the rest of the day the two cats sat side by side, content. It was another good day of adventure for Rocky the Fluffy Fighter, and that night he slept well, excited for what the next day would bring.

Luigi The Lion Cat and Rocky The Fluffy Fighter watching birds

Luigi The Lion Cat and Rocky The Fluffy Fighter By The Window