Luigi the Lion Cat awoke from his nap looking forward to an afternoon of play before dinner only to realize the sun was nowhere to be found. What’s worse, it was raining. As his cat mom says, “It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” Luigi never quite understood what that meant, but he did know that it was pouring. Just as he grew very disappointed, mom seemed to have a solution. She smiled and scurried to her room before emerging with a tiny Luigi sized raincoat. 

His little heart soared! Maybe the rain wasn’t such a bad thing. After all, he could try splashing in puddles and getting messy for a change. Mom carefully dressed Luigi the Lion Cat in his shiny yellow raincoat and sent him on his way with a sweet kiss on his little pink nose. He slowly and timidly peeked out the kitty door and watched the rain trickle down from the sky into pools all over the yard. 

Next thing he knew, he was hopping excitedly from puddle to puddle splashing about with glee. Mom had the right idea. This rain was actually quite nice. Luigi stared at his handsome lion-like reflection in a small pool of rain water near the porch just as the trickle of rain suddenly stopped and all became quiet and still. Within seconds, the birds were chirping and tweeting loudly and by the time Luigi the Lion Cat could break his gaze with the mirror puddle to look up, the sun was peering out from behind the clouds as if to say, “Hello Luigi!”

The ferocious feline decided this was the ideal opportunity to sprawl out on the grass and dry his lovely fur in the warm sun. Luigi peacefully dozed off into a comfortable well deserved afternoon slumber right there in the middle of the yard and dreamed of a rainbow with plenty of tuna at the end instead of gold.