One dreary Wednesday evening, Luigi the Lion Cat’s mother decided it was high time for him to have a bath. She ran the warm water in the tub and before he could protest, quickly placed him inside. His beloved cat mom giggled as his typically fierce feline mane became matted down from the water. He was suddenly so small! She couldn’t help but pull out her camera to take a few snapshots much to his dismay. He was the cutest wet kitty she had ever seen and she wanted to share him with the world. Well, Luigi was quite displeased with this idea.

By the time the bath was over, he was stomping around the house to show his disapproval and hoping his dearest mom would not show anyone these most embarrassing photos. Unfortunately for him, she was already uploading them online and showing not just her friends, but the entire world! Oh no, he groaned. How would he ever live down such shame? He decided to retreat to his warm and fuzzy cat bed and do some serious pondering. 

Luigi the Lion Cat was a pro at this. He could surely come up with a solution given just a little time. As he lay there wondering how to redeem himself, he began to grow quite sleepy. Yawning, he turned on his side and figured that the slightest cat nap couldn’t possibly hurt. Besides, loads of geniuses came up with the most fantastical ideas while sleeping. This would be his strategy. Lucky for his cat mom, Luigi the Lion Cat had such a very short attention span. He would never remember the incident when he woke up. She smiled at her freshly bathed sweet kitten’s dreamlike purrs. This round clearly belonged to the victorious cat mom and she did so enjoy winning.