Luigi the Lion Cat was entertained by the most simple of toys. In fact, his absolute favorite toy was probably the least noticeable of all of the items within the entire home. With a basic ponytail holder tied to a string, Luigi’s mother would entertain them both for hours. She enjoyed watching her sweet furry feline fight it out with the tiny rubber band just as much as he loved the chase. His doting cat mom would dangle the string in front of him and giggle as he slapped at the air. The pair would play back and forth at this game all the night through until both were utterly exhausted.

One morning, Luigi the Lion Cat woke up and immediately began searching for his favorite play thing. However, neither he nor his mother could find the band on a string anywhere. They scoured the house together room by room inspecting every inch of the home from top to bottom. Where had Luigi’s toy gone? That very same afternoon, Luigi’s cat dad came home early from work and was surprised not to find Luigi and his mother waiting for him with smiles. Instead, they had grown tired and cranky from searching for his favorite toy all day.

When the cat dad heard this, he laughed. The ferocious feline and his loving mom were confused by this until the cat dad spoke. “It had stuck to my shoe this morning on the way out the door. I have it right here in my pocket!” Well, what do you know? The mystery of Luigi the Lion Cat’s missing toy had finally been solved. That night, the happy family ordered take out and served Luigi the thickest and juiciest of rare tuna steaks as a reward for his excellent if not effective detective work.