Merlin Ragdoll Cat has a wonderful life. Many people think he’s mean because of his menacing stare and big gray mane. But truly, Merlin is a lover and has lots of interests. One of his favorite activities is going for car rides with Cat Mom. He loves the feeling of a fast car, seeing the big, beautiful outside world and the spirit of adventure. He wished he could drive a car, but he always thought it would be impossible.

Until one day, Merlin thought to himself, “What if it wasn’t impossible?” He decided to observe his mom when they went on car rides. He noticed she grabbed the shiny keys, one of his favorite toys, put them in the car to make it go vroom vroom.  Merlin watched how her big paws drove the wheel, spinning and moving it around. It looked pretty simple. He tried his best to memorize everything she did, so he can take her car on adventure outside of Canadia and possibly reach Meowxico, a country he knew had green palm trees and no snow. Snow was so yesterday…

The plan was simple, Merlin knew that Cat Mom took long cat naps at night and that would be a great opportunity to go on his anticipated adventure. He talked to his sister Winnie about his plan. He needed a pawtner. Winnie was skeptical at first, thinking there was no way they could get passed their mom, but eventually agreed and so the preparations began.

Finally, the night came. Merlin and Winnie snuck passed their mom’s room, walking on their tippy paws. They had prepared to bring snacks and treats for the road. Merlin brought his Kittles salmon treats and spring toys, and of course his favorite treat, cucumbers. Before they took off, Merlin dropped a few spring toys in his dog sibling’s bowls to remind him that he was still boss!

Merlin Ragdoll Cat carried the keys in his mouth and Winnie got the doors opened with her big paws. Merlin took hold of the wheel. He looked up at the bright night sky, looking at the open road before him. It was like the whole world was in his paws. He turned the keys and heard the familiar vroom vroom. He looked down at Winnie, who was in control of the pedal and brake, and let her know it was time to go.

They were off!

The car sped up quickly. Merlin felt the wind blowing on his fur. He looked at the buildings around him, and suddenly, to his surprise, he saw a green light in the near distance. When he got closer, he saw something amazing: It was a cucumber and salmon store, he knew that from his past visit with Cat Mom. But the sign said “Groceries” for some reason.

Merlin told Winnie to speed up as he stared in awe at the beautiful green sign. His mouth salivated as the sign grew brighter and brighter, illuminating in the sky. He was almost there, he could practically taste it, all the cucumbers and salmon in the world.

Merlin Ragdoll Cat all of a sudden realized that all he needed was right here. What if they didn’t even have cucumbers in Meowxico? He wasn’t going to risk it. As they filled their cart with cucumbers, salmon and dog treats, Merlin grabbed a little chocolate bar for his beloved Cat Mom. Merlin and Winnie returned home before dawn satisfied with their purrchases. Cat Mom never found out about their adventure and the mystery chocolate appearing on her pillow remained forever unsolved.


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