At one time not so very long ago, Maia The Marshmallow Bunny was not the bunny you see today. No, she was only a small bundle of cute and cuddly bunny searching for a home. She desperately wanted a loving bunny mom and dad to call her own. So when a kind man showed up at the pet shop wanting to take her home with him,  she was obviously thrilled. The man had a beautiful warm smile that made her happy. His girlfriend’s birthday was coming up and he knew she would love this little bunny very much. On the car ride to her new house, she twitched her nose and sat in his lap as he gently pet her fuzzy back.

It wasn’t long at all before they were pulling into the driveway and he was carefully carrying little Maia The Marshmallow Bunny inside. Her new bunny dad delicately set her onto the living room floor and officially welcomed her to the big home. It was so big! She couldn’t help but begin to frolic through the hall and hop about each room. Maia was finally where she belonged and it felt absolutely amazing.

When her new Bunny Mom came home, Maia’s dad held her up for mom to see her adorable little face. They cuddled and spoiled her with fresh carrots and chewy new toys. On that day, she developed a passion for carrots. But it was also the day she got her name too. Since Dad said she looked like a Marshmallow and Mom said she thought she very much resembled a cotton ball, they announced that from now on she would be called Maia The Marshmallow Bunny. This new name pleased her almost as much as the carrot since she took such great pride in her fluffy appearance. She was so excited her nose wouldn’t stop twitching.  But that didn’t bother her mom and dad. They couldn’t have adored her more.