My name is Luigi The Lion Cat, I am your favorite Persian kitty with silky smooth fur, pink nose, fluffy paws and fancy long whiskers. Here is the story of how I met my Cat Mom.

A long time ago there lived a very beautiful White Persian cat named Muffins. His fur was so fluffy and beautiful that when he walked by, other cats stared in envy. He was my Grandfather. When Grandpa Muffins was adopted he traveled all across the United States to be with his Human Dad Mr. M. For three short weeks Grandpa Muffins stayed at my (human) mom’s house until Mr. M picked him up to take him to Northern California. Mr. M. was so grateful to my Mom for taking care of Grandpa Muffins that he promised one day when Grandpa has kittens, one of them would come live with her. Mom’s only request was that he be orange.

In the absence of a cat in the house, mom’s world returned to gloom and doom. Many years had passed; Mom slaved away at work, finding escape from her mundane life by exploring the world. She had time to travel few countries in the hopes to find happiness. She was also grieving the loss of her human best friend and all she wanted was a little orange kitten to take care of her.

It was a bright sunny morning on April 14, 2013 when I was born along with few of my litter-mates. From the videos they showed me I could barely open my eyes and my fur was so wet. Yikes! I was the first orange kitten to be born to my parents. They all knew I was special!

When I was Only 7 Weeks Old

adorable photo of luigi the lion cat when he was just 7 weeks old!

Mr. M rushed to deliver the exciting news to Mom. Her phone rang uncontrollably, and Mom finally picked it up. When Mom heard the news, her heart stopped. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was finally going to become a cat mom! Mom never had cat children before.

The journey to mom was not easy. I was traveling in a car with my brothers and sisters for so long, all I wanted was to stretch my legs and have something decent to eat. I was suffering from a minor infection and couldn’t play. My siblings crawled all over the car and were very energetic. We arrived to our destination a little past 2 o’clock. As soon as Mom knew I was near by, she rushed to get ready. She put on a nice dress and was out the door to go pick up her new fluffy friend.

childrens cat stories

Mom rushed through the door and was so excited to see us.  She smelled like flowers and was wearing a long orange dress.  “Scratch that thing”, I thought to myself as she picked me up and put me against her cheek. She was squeezing me so hard I couldn’t breathe. I let out a quiet meow in the hopes that she puts me down. She started scratching my ears and chin and I felt my body pulse as I began to purr and purr. “I’m going to name you Luigi, my sweet little kitten, ‘she said, smiling’ and I think we will be best friends forever. “

Mom was so excited; she couldn’t wait to introduce me to her family. So off we went to Grandma’s house. There, I found myself surrounded by laughter, music, food and most importantly the largest Tuna steak that I’ve ever seen, which quickly became my favorite dish. The long-awaited appearance of the orange kitten was met with much celebration. I knew then and there that I will be the King of this House for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy all of my fluffy photos and cute stories!


Luigi The Lion Cat

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