It was a Sunday evening and Luigi The Lion Cat was getting himself ready to watch one of his favorite tv shows: Game of Thrones. The cat treats were sitting nearby, a nice blanket was prepared for comfortable laying, and all the lights in the room had been turned off. Every week Luigi followed this pattern, and when it came to enjoying a tv show, Luigi was very serious. “Meow, everything is ready for viewing, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to find out what happens in the season finale!” Luigi thought to himself, a mix of excitement and anxiety filling him and putting him on edge.

As Luigi settled himself and reached  out with his furry paw toward the tv remote, a disturbance entered the room. This disturbance was in the shape of gray fur and boundless energy. “Heeeeeyyyyy Luigi Luigi Luiiiiigiiiiiiiii! What are you doing big bro?!”  yelled out Rocky in a flurry of meows as he ran around the room. The lion cat was not amused. “You foolish fool, I’m trying to watch Game of Thrones and you’re ruining it!” yelled Luigi back at his wild brother. “Game?! I love games! Can I play the game Luigi? Pleeeaaase can I play the game of thrones with you plllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaassse?!” Rocky begged, now sitting still as his mind raced with excitement.

“No because it’s not a game you silly cat, it’s a show!” yelled Luigi with frustration, but Rocky persisted: “Yeah, show! Show me how to play so we can play the game Luigi!” Luigi wasn’t getting through to the mass of gray fluff that was his little brother, if he could not do it with words then he would have to get Rocky to stop ruining his tv show time with action.

“Oh, you want to play? Fine! We will play characters in this game, members of royal families. I am Luigi the Lion Cat, and as a lion I will be a Lannister! You, all gray and pathetic will be a member of the Starks!” explained Luigi to Rocky, who was still excited. “Yeah yeah, I’m Stark the Cat! Let’s play!” Hearing this, Luigi smiled and said “You know nothing, Rocky. For delaying my enjoyment of the show, I owe you pain, it is my debt to you, and a Lannister always pays their debt! You see, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die!” Luigi yelled at Rocky, and then with a roar leaped at his little brother.

They grappled and wrestled, swatting eachother with their furry paws and biting into eachothers fluffy coats of fur. Luigi was taking out his frustrations, and Rocky was having fun. They rolled around, then split, then one darted after the other and once again they were locked in battle. Over and over, back and forth, and though Luigi had begun his assault with a desire to punish his little brother, he had begun to enjoy himself as well. “This game is great big bro!” meowed out Rocky in between tired pants, “Yeah, I guess it’s not so bad after all” replied Luigi. Before long, both the lion cat and the fluffy fighter were tired and laying down, the sound of their heavy breathing filling the room.

“What a great game Luigi, what a great game! What’s next?” asked Rocky. “Now we watch the season finale of Game of Thrones, and don’t you dare interrupt or I’ll throw you in a dungeon!” replied Luigi as he got the remote. Though tired, Luigi managed to turn on the tv on and got the episode playing. In need of rest after their battle, both cats sat and watched the episode, and both were happy.