Luigi the Lion Cat takes a great deal of pride in his appearance. He always keeps his ferocious furry feline mane kept perfectly lion-like and his paws and whiskers are always well cleaned. However, his idea of high feline fashion greatly differed from that of his cat mom’s. You see, Luigi thought that keeping his luscious locks carefully combed and his whiskers cleaned of tuna was about as fiercely fashionable as one could get. On the other hand, his cat mom (who was always keeping up with the latest runway trends) believed that he needed a winning wardrobe in order to be a true heartbreaker. 

Mom’s latest trip to the shopping mall was a success, at least to her. Luigi shuddered to think of just what she would pull from her bags this time for him to wear. Sure enough, after she had unpacked her trendy new shoes from the mall, it was time to dig into the bag from her favorite pet clothing boutique. Mom excitedly pulled a navy and grey striped shirt from the white bag with glee. Oh no, Luigi the Lion Cat thought. This was going too far! It would never fit him and he was certain of it.

His cat mom eagerly pulled it over his head and carefully placed his arms into the proper holes before squealing with delight. The tiny shirt DID fit! And Luigi looked absolutely adorable. As he sat there in misery, she ran to get him a mirror. Upon seeing his reflection, he decided it wasn’t half as bad as he had thought. In fact, he looked quite handsome. Dapper even. For the rest of the day, Luigi the Lion Cat strutted his hot new look around the home with pride. Maybe high feline fashion was something Luigi could get used to.