Luigi the Lion Cat very much loved his cat dad. He was always bringing home fun and interesting new things for Luigi to play with. On one particular Friday evening, Luigi had managed to finagle his way into his dad’s briefcase where he found the most marvelous new toy. It was a rubber band. This simple rubber band seemed to keep the feline in a frenzy for hours simply enjoying the way his claws felt as they teared at the bouncy material. All was fun and well until his claw became stuck that is. Using his teeth to free his paw from the contraption, somehow he managed to snap himself right back in the nose with the band.

Shocked, Luigi the Lion Cat stared at this odd little device of mayhem trying to figure out what he did to make it so angry. He stared in such a way that you would almost expect the rubber band to be prompted to answer his question. When his cat dad walked into his office to see what the fuss was about, the furry feline had already begun pawing at the band once again. Not long into this play session, Luigi was snapped once again! It was then that dad saw the problem.

Luigi the Lion Cat’s dad placed the rubber band onto the table and showed the baffled kitty just how this was happening by imitating the snap with his fingers. Finally, Luigi had grasped that this was not exactly a toy his dad specifically brought home for his pleasure. Maybe it had some other use. It was no matter though. The ferocious feline had made up his mind. Rubber bands were simply too dangerous, even for him.