The ferocious Luigi the Lion Cat tends to think of himself as the king lion cat of his home. So when his cat mom brought home one of the most famous lion cats of all time, he was a bit baffled. What did Simba have that Luigi didn’t? Though the movie was one of Luigi’s favorites, he was certain he was the greater lion. He decided to come up with a plan to show his cat mom who was the better cat. One of Luigi’s greatest strengths was staring contests. This is when he concluded that a fierce staring match would be in order for Simba’s welcoming.

Waiting for just the right moment when his cat mom was watching, Luigi the Lion Cat planted his feet firmly in front of the Simba character. Then he prepared himself for an epic win. He stared unblinkingly at the famous lion cub just waiting for mom to take notice. It seemed as though an entire week passed them by and still Simba was showing no signs of weakness. Would the famous king ever blink? Finally, Luigi’s cat mom stopped and began to watch the battle that ensued.

It didn’t take long for mom to realize just what got this contest started as she knew Luigi the Lion Cat all too well. The doting cat mom quickly picked up Luigi for a warm hug and reminded him that he was the only king lion cat for her. That was all Luigi had ever wanted to hear. Though Simba had seemingly won this round of the staring contest, Luigi had won the heart of his beloved cat mom. He’d take that victory any day. After all, what made a better trophy than mom’s love? The simple and most obvious answer for Luigi was absolutely nothing.