Luigi the Lion Cat is well aware of his breathtaking beauty. He often thinks himself to be a stunning model. His loving cat mom loves to play into his dreams by taking pictures of him as though he were famous. She takes him shopping for crazy cool new outfits nearly every weekend. Although he doesn’t always agree with her fashion choices for him, Luigi does love her enthusiasm as well as her undivided attention. This particular weekend, he and his mother returned home with a wide ranging assortment of shopping bags. He simply could not wait to go through their haul.

His cat mom pulled one outfit after the other from the massive array of bags for him to try on. She insisted on capturing each one with a photo which Luigi the Lion Cat certainly did not contest. One of his favorite modeling shots of them all was one which made him look extra ferocious. He wore the most gorgeous blue polka dot bandana and did it so well. He just knew that this new accessory would shoot him to stardom in no time. What could his fans love more than a good looking cat in a bandana?

Luigi the Lion Cat gave his mom his fiercest grin for the camera and just knew he was making model history with his stunning good looks. Mom seemed to agree because she just couldn’t stop giggling. When his cat dad came home, mom showed him the pictures of their photo shoot and they both broke out into giggles. Luigi loved making his cat parents smile. He swore to himself that even when he made it really big, he would still remember the “little people.” That night, he fell into a deep sleep where he dreamed that he was signing his autograph on the afternoon’s pictures for his many fans.