Luigi the Lion Cat woke up bright and early Monday morning excited to go on his very first trip to school with his cat mom. His mom would be volunteering to read a special furry feline story to some wide eyed kindergarteners that day and Luigi simply could not wait. He watched impatiently as his mom packed them both a healthy sack lunch complete with tuna salad, crackers and an apple for each of themLuigi wondered just what the children would be like. Would they like him? Would they enjoy his favorite story book?

He had chosen the tale of a fuzzy little feline prince who meets a stunning kitten princess from a faraway land. Oh, how Luigi hoped that the children would adore this love story as much as he did. As his mom sealed their brown bag lunches and carefully placed them into her satchel, Luigi’s heart pounded. It was almost time to go! His only regret was that his mother and he could not ride the bus with the neighborhood children. Luigi the Lion Cat was happy all the same as he skipped out the door behind his favorite human to the car.

This was going to be the best first school trip ever. He was certain of it. 

Before he knew it, mom had already pulled up and parked at the busy school and was putting him into his carrying bag. He watched eagerly from inside as she bounced along to the proper kindergarten classroom. It was finally time! The teacher hushed the children with a simple gesture of her finger to her mouth and they all gathered round to see him emerge from his carrying case, as his mom settled in to read his beloved book. He soon found himself in the midst of several doting students and decided he could easily get used to this. Luigi the Lion Cat was officially a student.