Luigi the Lion Cat simply knows how beautiful and adorable he is. The best proof of that is his constant staring in the mirror. Erm, or maybe the fact that he enjoys posing. Either way, he’s quite aware of his beauty. Every time he tends to show it by dressing up like a true model. Luigi loves the kitten bibs that Cat Mom makes for him in her craft store. They make him look even more attractive. Whenever he poses, he straightens up his long fluffy fur and stands up firmly on those lion paws. Don’t even get me started on his looks! He always looks directly to the camera very ferociously, like he is saying “Look at me, I am stunning!”. And he truly is.

Luigi the Lion Cat always wanted to be a part of cat contests. But lately he was kind of lazy to do any photoshoots. The past month his favorite thing to do was to curl up and squeeze next to Cat Mom on the living room couch. Relaxing together, they had much fun, as well. They watched TV shows (Luigi’s favorites of course) and they would hang out on Mom’s tablet or laptop, Luigi loves to pretend that he’s interested in the scrolling stuff. But, a week ago, something unusual happened. As the little lion was having his afternoon nap next to his Mom, he suddenly opened his drowsy wet eyes and looked straight in the laptop that was placed in Mom’s lap. What Luigi saw, made him get up on his toes and get excited! Luigi the Lion Cat saw a new photo contest that his Mom was checking out. Mother was stunned of her son’s reaction and got even more excited! “Fluffy, do you want to participate in this cat contest?” she asked him. A big happy meow came out Luigi’s mouth and she knew that the answer is yes. Who knows Luigi better than his Cat Mom, right?

Mom quickly gathered all of the needed information and started preparing for the contest. Luigi the Lion Cat positioned himself on the pink sheet of the bed and made his famous pose. “I want to be on the cover of Modern Cat Magazine. Who wouldn’t vote for a fluff lion beautiful as me, meow?”, Luigi pondered as he directed his ferocious look at the camera.

After the photoshoot was done, they posted a picture of Luigi on his Facebook and asked friends to vote for him here.