When a very dapper Persian cat was introduced to his newest roommate which was a Lionhead bunny, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. Though the Lionhead bunny was rather beautiful, he couldn’t figure out what exactly she was. Was she another cat with a ferocious feline mane much like himself? Was she some sort of rabbit or possibly a hybrid? He wasn’t entirely certain but he gathered that time would tell. For now, Mom was calling her Maia the Bunny Rabbit so that would just have to do.

Luigi liked to think of himself as a Lion Cat given his luscious lion-like mane. His mother seemed to agree and it earned him the long title of Luigi the Lion Cat. He rather enjoyed this moniker and took great pride in his name. Maybe the pair could become close friends based upon their similar hair traits alone, he thought. The cat approached his new bunny friend slowly and with immense curiosity. He sniffed her fluffy fur with trepidation and cocked his head sideways in wonder. She was a strange creature indeed.

As he was just getting acquainted with her scent, she scurried away across Mom’s bed with a skip and a hop that startled him. Where did this Maia character think she was going exactly and why didn’t she like Luigi? He would just have to follow her to find out. Down the hall the pair went. He would soon discover that she liked him just fine. Poor Maia was only after the scent of a fresh carrot. She even offered to share with him. What a kind young bunny lady! Yes, Luigi liked sweet Maia and they would become fast friends just as his cat mom had hoped. All was well with the Persian cat and the Lionhead bunny.