One day Luigi the Lion Cat was going about his usual furry feline business when his favorite human who he called Mom came home with a large package and several bags. Given the typical routine of his cat mom, Luigi assumed that the box and bags were filled with clothes, toys and treats just for him. However, mom had a surprise in store for Luigi that he would never have seen coming. She carefully placed the box onto the floor in front of Luigi and began to open it with such excitement that her cat figured it must be the tuna steak of his dreams. 

But instead of pulling a beautiful and juicy tuna steak from the box, her hands emerged at the top with a bunny in tow! “See this beautiful bunny, Luigi? Meet Maia the Bunny Rabbit!” She squealed with glee and squeezed the fluffy bunny gently but firmly before placing her down next to Luigi. The ferocious feline was completely caught off guard and his hair stood on end as Maia drew in closer to wriggle her little nose at him and get familiar with his scent.

Mom continued to pull several boxes and toys out from the large white shopping bags until she had set up an entire new village for the pair. She had high hopes that they would become fast friends. While Luigi the Lion Cat remained relatively unsure of this new creature, he did admire her luscious locks of hair. That was something they had in common and could perhaps build a friendship on. He watched intently as she hopped around adorably in their new bunny-cat village. She seemed sweet and friendly enough and definitely made Mom happy. Yes, maybe Maia the beautiful Bunny Rabbit wouldn’t be so bad. But only time would tell.