Though Luigi the Lion Cat was not your average feline, he did enjoy playing with a few fairly typical toys in his free time. One of his most favorite play things just so happened to be a pink toy rope. Oh, how he loved to paw at that rope! On particularly boring or blustery days, he’d simply curl up in a basket with his pink toy rope and tear and claw it for hours on end. Unfortunately for him, it was one of these blustery days outside which was pretty dull for him. While his cat mom was away running errands, he had found himself a nice warm spot on the rug to play with his favorite toy.

After an hour or so, his trouble began. As he pawed his little fuzzy claws at the rope, they began to become tangled. Each time he pulled his paw away the rope became more and more undone. Luigi the Lion Cat was not a natural problem solver sadly. The frenzy was too much for him and in the excitement, he only seemed to make the mess that much worse. He couldn’t help but worry what his cat mom would think when she came home to a bedroom floor filled with pink string. So, what did he do? He hid under the bed.

When his mother got home, her first reaction was shock and horror of course. But as she began to search for the culprit, she realized that it was likely a mistake. Mom called gently and sweetly for her precious Luigi the Lion Cat until he slowly emerged from under the large bed. She smiled and as she sat on the floor amidst the piles of string, he began to play once more.