Luigi the Lion Cat had just woken up from the sweetest of fluffy feline dreams as his beloved mommy was unloading brown paper bags full of groceries. Another successful trip to the grocery store. Luigi always looked forward to seeing the loot when she got home from his favorite local shop. He eagerly climbed into the most comfortable cushioned chair right at the head of the table to watch his mom put away today’s items. Luigi began to grow impatient as he saw mom unload bag after bag filled with loaves of bread, lunch meat, eggs and milk. Where was the tuna?

Just as he thought all hope was lost, mom pulled one last hidden bag from under the table that Luigi the Lion Cat had neglected to notice before. It seemed heavy as mom struggled a bit to set it on the tabletop. The bag made a loud clanking sound that was so very familiar to this most ferocious feline. Luigi starting licking and smacking his lips in anticipation. Just then, mom began pulling a single can of tuna at a time from the large brown bag and placing them down with purpose onto the table as she smiled.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Luigi couldn’t count past 5, but he knew that there were a LOT of tuna cans piled in front of him. By the time mom was finished, there was a tuna mountain much like the one from his dreams. The cat couldn’t believe his eyes. After blinking several times in disbelief, he gazed at his mother with wonder and surprise as if to ask, “Is this all for me?” She knew exactly what he was thinking and simply nodded with a sly smirk before exclaiming, “It’s dinner time!” 

Like music to Luigi the Lion Cat’s ears, his mom swiftly cracked open a can of tuna and neatly placed the delicious meal into his bowl. Luigi was one lucky cat.