Luigi the Lion Cat just can’t get enough of the autumn season. Fall is filled with all of his favorite things after all. With large piles of leaves to pounce through, jackolanterns, turkey feasts, candy corn and children in silly costumes, there are plenty of fantastic reasons why. While all of these things are really quite wonderful, Luigi may very well love pumpkin pie the most. 

His cat mom seemed to relish the coming of this crisp new season almost as much as Luigi. As the weather turned cooler, she began to spend more and more time in the kitchen baking up delightful dishes to bring in the season. Lucky for Luigi, on this day, she had just set a freshly baked pumpkin pie on the dining room table to cool. The smell drifted through the entire house until Luigi simply couldn’t stand it any longer. He sneakily made his way up the chair closest to that dreamy pumpkin concoctionLuigi the Lion Cat was determined to get a nibble of this precious pie. 

He hovered over the perfect pumpkin pie as his tongue slowly reached out for a tiny taste. One little lick turned into a big bite and while Luigi’s cat mom was busy toiling away in the kitchen, he hastily dug in. As morsels of sweet and sticky pie clung to his whiskers, he looked up to see his cat mom staring at him in disbelief. Though she was disappointed, she couldn’t help but admire just how cute Luigi looked sitting at the head of the table dining on his very own dish. 

“Oh, Luigi,” his mom sighed. She gently patted his head and marched back off to the kitchen to bake another pumpkin pie. Mom definitely knew not to leave the next pie lying about. However, Luigi the Lion Cat had indeed won this round.