Luigi the Lion Cat is not your average feline. While most cats’ hobbies include playing with string and chasing mice those activities are too ordinary. Luigi much prefers to play his Dad’s Nintendo Entertainment system. He has more games than most human players and passes many happy hours destroying his enemies and rescuing damsels in distress on a typical day. His favorite game is “Super Mario Bros”, after all he was named after one of its main characters.

During the daytime hours when his Mom is at work and Luigi has the house to himself he regularly plays his favorite Nintendo games. He fears that his Cat Mom is jealous of all the time he spends playing and that’s why he crams most of it in during working and sleeping hours.

Luigi the Lion Cat doesn’t get as much sleep as other cats, but he doesn’t regret a minute of the time he spends on the Nintendo. The characters in the game have become friends that he looks forward to visiting whenever he can. Though Luigi has to sacrifice the Nintendo to his Cat Mom during certain times of the day he still makes sure he can indulge in his favorite hobby. Luigi sometimes plays Nintendo games with his Cat Dad and most of the time he wins those games. He attributes it to all the time he has to practice that his Cat Dad doesn’t have.

On the weekends, Luigi’s Cat Mom is off of work so he doesn’t get much time on the Nintendo. However, he makes up for it whenever he can. Luigi keeps up with all the latest game releases and makes sure his Cat Dad purchases the games he asks for. While other cats get cat toys for Christmas, Luigi the Lion Cat gets Nintendo games under the tree. He is a pioneer and will pave the way for his feline brothers and sisters to follow in his footsteps.