Luigi the Lion Cat loved his cat mom and dad very much. If he had to make a list of his favorite things, they would obviously be at the top. A close second would have been tuna. But after that, he liked to think it was a toss up between his toys, nap time and fresh baskets full of warm laundry. A dream day for the ferocious feline would have been chowing down on a massive tuna steak at the table with his favorite two people before playing with his toys and curling up for a nap on a basket of warm laundry fresh from the dryer.

It seemed as though this Tuesday was very nearly the perfect day given that he had spent all morning playing with his favorite toy rope. Just as he began to grow tired of play time, Luigi the Lion Cat’s lovely mom set down a large basket of fragrant warm laundry onto the floor next to him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Hopping up into the basket the moment mom left the room, it wasn’t long before he was dreaming peaceful kitty dreams snuggled up to the clean towels.

Luigi the Lion Cat dreamed that his cat dad was rounding out the wonderful day of a lifetime by bringing him home a delicious tuna steak. His dad set his plate at the head of the table and in that beautiful dreamland, Luigi chowed down on tuna like a king as his loyal parents doted over him. Dreamland was such a marvelous place to be if your name was Luigi.

When he woke up, he smelled a familiar scent that excited him. Mom and dad knew the way to that cuddly cat’s heart and apparently read his mind because you’ll never guess what was for dinner. Tuna!