Luigi the Lion Cat enjoys the finer things in life, including tasty chicken. He feels that the chicken found in cat food simply isn’t enough and will beg for his favorite meat on a daily basis. His Cat Mom supports his love of chicken and provides him with it in quantities that make his fellow feline friends envy him. It wasn’t until he grew from kittenhood to cathood that Luigi began to appreciate chicken for the tasty treat that it is. Though it took a while to train his Mom to provide it for him he now has the access to it he has always wanted.

While Luigi the Lion Cat still eats his dry cat food, sometimes his wet food gets replaced by pure chicken; not just the faux chicken so many cat food companies sell to kitty mammas and dads. Luigi knows his health is important and he also knows that ordinary cat food isn’t good enough for him. His standards far exceed the standards of most domestic cats. Luigi doesn’t think he is better than any of his peers, but he is very active and needs the proper sustenance to maintain his schedule.

If the time comes that Luigi finds a special feline he might be willing to get her caretaker to provide her with the same delicious chicken that he now enjoys very often. Though he realizes it is somewhat of a cliché for a cat to like chicken, it is one cliché he actually agrees with. For the immediate future, Luigi the Lion Cat will continue to love and respect his Mom for providing him with the chicken that he loves so much. It is his goal to convince cats that may not like chicken to appreciate it and embrace it.