Luigi The Lion Cat likes to drink water from a cup.   It was a hot summer Sunday, when both cats and humans alike seek shelter in their homes from the hot summer sun. And so our story takes us to Luigi the Lion Cat and his Cat Mom, lying on the couch beneath the air conditioning. Watching Luigi’s favorite bird and squirrel documentary on Animal Planet, they both entertain themselves in their own human and cat ways. After some time mom started to feel sleepy from the heat, and fell into a cozy little nap. Luigi however was fixated on the little squirrels, jumping and running at full speed all over the TV screen.

All was going well, until a sharp meow woke mom from her light slumber. Not taking it seriously, she pat him gently and continued with her sleep. But a short moment later, Luigi started to do it again and again, this time louder than before. Mom woke up and asked him if he wants food, as he usually does this when he gets really hungry. Luigi is known for his big appetite and kingly demands, even when his bowl is as full as his tummy. Thinking that this was another one of those situations, she got up and filled his feeding bowl with food. But when she turned around, Luigi surprisingly wasn’t behind her waiting for food. Instead he sat on the coffee table, looking at her with his big puffy eyes like he was trying to tell her something.

“Does kitty need a potty break?” she asked him, while she was opening the bathroom door. But Luigi obviously didn’t want to go, because he was still just standing there with a funny little look on his furry face. Then she had a though, why not give him water? She put water in his bowl, but to no avail. He was still meowing ferociously, and she still had no idea what to do. She thought perhaps the summer heat had gone to Luigi’s head and that he’s just hot, and she decided not to fuss over it. When she put water into his bowl, she also felt thirsty and decided to pour some water in the glass standing next to Luigi. But when she sat down and put the glass in front of her, Luigi took the opportunity to drink from the glass. Perhaps he was trying to be a human? Cat Mom did not know that her cat likes to drink water from a cup.  She started laughing as Luigi started wiping his dripping wet whiskers, and kissed him on the head. “What a cute weird cat I have” she said.