Luigi the Lion Cat is simply not a morning feline. While Luigi’s cat mom may be lured from her bed by the aroma of a deliciously fresh pot of coffee, not even the largest tuna steak could pull the ferocious feline from his favorite snuggly blanket. Well, maybe an extra-large tuna steak could do the trick. Unfortunately though, on this most mundane of Monday mornings, his cat mom did NOT have an extra-large tuna steak at the ready for him. And for this reason, Luigi was far from pleased.

As Luigi the Lion Cat’s mom moved about hustling and bustling to ready herself for a busy Monday at the office, he lazily stared at her through half closed eyelids. Why must humans rush and work and get up so early? Little did he know, his cat mom was pondering the exact same thing as she gathered her paperwork into her briefcase for the day. In that moment, the kind cat decided his poor mom deserved a sympathetic snuggle. After all, she was a wonderful cat mom and worked very hard to provide his beloved tasty tuna treats.

Yawning with his legs outstretched and tongue curled out, he emerged from the warmth of his blanket. Luigi hopped off the bed and pranced over to his mom who was drinking her coffee by the kitchen counter. He curled himself around her ankles until she lovingly picked him up. 

Luigi purred and gently snuggled his face under her chin. “Thank you, my sweet Luigi. That was just what I needed,” she smiled warmly. Squeezing him one last time before grabbing her briefcase and purse, she blew him kisses as she swept out the door. Luigi the Lion Cat loved nothing more than making mom smile. But tuna steaks and going back to bed definitely came close.