Luigi the Lion Cat has a great number of talents. He is one of the greatest cuddling kitties that there ever were. He is a world class staring contest competitor and professional napper. Luigi can even gobble down an entire tuna steak in under 2 minutes! While there may be very few things that Luigi doesn’t excel at, being a handy cat is one of them. In fact when it comes to power tools or even simply a hammer, he is a downright scaredy cat. The loud obnoxious noises that such tools make often send him ducking for cover. So when his cat dad set about one Sunday morning to hang some photos of the family, Luigi was not at all pleased.

His cat dad woke him early that morning with the most frightening sound when his electric screw gun began drilling holes into the wall of the family’s hallway. Luigi the Lion Cat jumped into the air as though he had been shot through with a bolt of electricity. How rude of his dad, he thought. Didn’t dad know he was having the best cat dream ever? He could still taste the tuna steak he had been gnawing on in his sleep. Luigi stomped into the hall to show his dad his displeasure. But apparently, dad misread him as a cat that was interested.

Luigi the Lion Cat was then forced to listen to his cat dad explain the ins and outs of tools and hanging pictures and a number of other things which a cat like himself simply didn’t care to hear. Luckily, his cat mom saved him from the handy man lesson when she announced, “Time for breakfast!” No sweeter words had ever been spoken if you had asked the lion cat right at that moment. The smell of bacon began to permeate the house and thankfully dad set the tools down just as Luigi was settling in for yet another nap. After all, it’s one of the many things he did so well.