It was the middle of the day, one of those afternoons when spring rain lightly touched the ground. You could literally hear its sleepy echo through the thin glass windows. Spring had just arrived, painting along with it an abundance of color and life on all of nature’s neighboring wildlife. Luigi the Lion Cat had just woken up from his four hour slumber, in tiny cozy kitten throne. After all, a lion cat befitting one of such nature needs a fitting castle from where he can plan all of his catty schemes.
He climbed the tall window’s porch, stretching on the top with a yawn so big that made all the little birdies tremble at his sight. As his yawn ended, Luigi the Lion Cat opened his eyes and was astonished by what he saw. The magical spring rain had used as its canvas the blossoming trees and flowers, truly creating a flourishing work of art. As the clouds parted, a shy beam of light fell on Luigi the Lion Cat’s majestic golden mane.
As the little feline sat there, amazed by nature’s grasp, his Cat mom quietly entered the room. Tippy toeing all the way, she made sure not to disturb his peaceful sightseeing. Not that it matters, for Luigi’s ears could hear a fly in the middle of a storm. But Luigi loves his mother dearly, and he played along with this silly charade. As his Cat mom came closer, she started to ask herself: Do cats see in color? What made her ask this question was Luigi’s strong glance at everything that was going on in the yard.
In spite of her thoughts on the matter, she sat down beside him and took him in her warm motherly grasp. Soon they both stood there, admiring the colors that spring has brought forth on their lawn. But what’s a cat to do, when that all too familiar urge had once again befell on our beloved king’s eyes. Luigi’s eyelids, now starting to weigh a ton, quickly shut close as his mom pat his furry little ears. And there was her answer, right in her warm arms. The fact of the matter is, Luigi is far more than a normal cat to be bothered by nature. A lion cat’s first and foremost priority is sleep. But now a new question emerged in her head: What does her cat dream about?