Luigi the Lion Cat was spending a perfectly lovely afternoon lounging about in the grass under the glow of the warm spring sunshine. He had accomplished so much on this fine Saturday. Luigi had eaten an entire can of tuna at lunch time. He had managed to confuse and confound his roommate Maia the Bunny Rabbit which was always a favorite pastime for him. Luigi had even nearly caught a small field mouse in the yard. Yes, today was shaping up to be a productive one for the lazy cat. That is until his fur mom scooped him up from his patch of grass and said those dreaded words: “You need a bath.”

A shiver ran down his spine and his hair stood on end. No! Anything but that! You see, Luigi the Lion Cat may enjoy maintaining his ferocious feline mane. However, the inevitable bath time was his kryptonite. Nothing frightened him more than those turbulent bath waters in Mommy’s tub. While he was well aware that many would consider him to be a chicken, he just didn’t care when it came to baths. This was not his cup of tea and he couldn’t care less who knew it.

As mom ran the bath water nice and warm, the anticipation made him tremble. Today was not a good day to be a cat, he thought. She gently placed him into the shallow water of the bath tub and began wetting his fur all over to build up a lather. Poor Luigi pleaded with his mom with his large cat eyes, but she paid no mind. She went about her business as hurriedly as possible. After finishing the job and letting the water drain, Luigi the Lion Cat stood proudly. It was over! The ferocious feline had won his latest round with the tub.