Luigi the Lion Cat was having the sweetest of feline dreams late one Tuesday morning when he began to stir and awaken to the sound of his dear cat mom rushing out the door for work. Laying in his cozy cat bed, he could see the warm sun’s rays shining in through the bedroom window. Such a lovely day shouldn’t be wasted lying about in bed, he thought. So he slowly stretched and yawned until he was ready to emerge from the comfort of his basket bed. 

As he strolled lazily past his mother’s mirror, something caught his eye. His hair! Luigi the Lion Cat’s usual flowing ferocious feline mane was a complete mess this morning. In fact, he looked as though he had been run through a car wash. Oh no, this simply would not do for such a handsome lion cat as himself. Luigi would have to remedy this hair catastrophe quickly. But how?

He immediately began about his business of grooming his luscious locks which had seemingly gone awry. Pawing and clawing at his fur, he was dedicated to looking as dapper as ever. It took quite some time, but he finally began to feel like himself again. That is when Luigi decided he should check out his new do in the mirror once more. 

It was worse than before! 

Luigi the Lion Cat knew only one way to go about solving this dilemma now. Maybe if he went back to bed, he would wake up to a better hair day. After all, it couldn’t possibly hurt right? So Luigi eagerly crawled back into his bed and readied himself for cat dreamland in hopes of awakening to a fresh new look. Soon, his kind cat mom was already returning home from work. Nervous and excited to see if his plan panned out, Luigi rushed to the mirror and sure enough, his beautiful fur was perfect again. Once more, nap time had saved the day for Luigi.