It was a chilly Christmas evening and Luigi The Lion Cat was in a bad mood. Mom always called him a Cat, but he didn’t know exactly what that meant.  He spread his paws wide open and jumped from the shelf, awkwardly landing on the floor. No, he was definitely not a bird cat, he could see it now. He didn’t have those beautiful feathers and couldn’t fly. “What kind of cat am I?” Luigi wondered. He looked at Maia the Marhsmallow Bunny, who was happily hopping on the blanket near by and tried to imitate her. Hop-hop-hop! Luigi accidentally knocked over his water bowl. Disappointed that he couldn’t imitate a rabbit cat, Luigi returned to his favorite window, there he would sit and dwell on his identity crisis. The only thing that could calm Luigi down at this point was that tonight was Christmas and there will be purresents to distract him from his worries.

Hours gone by and the cold wind blowing through the window made Luigi The Lion Cat’s fur puff up. He was happy to be fluffy, the fur protected him from the cold. Luigi got up and went to the living room. As he was walking impatiently around the fire place he wondered when he can open his purresents.  Cat Parents always surprised him with something amazing, so he was intrigued to find out what they got him this time.

As the clock turned passed 9pm and Cat parents were done with dinner, it was finally time to open the presents.  Grandma got a warm blanket, Cat Dad got a new watch and Luigi got some amazing toys from For Mew Toys, those were his favorite.  He got excited and pranced over to another room to play with the catnip crisps.  Cat parents decided to watch a video and Luigi was just not that interested.  That is until he heard something suspicious…..

Eyes wide open and ears perked up, Luigi the Lion Cat hurried back into the living room.  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was it a faint “Meeeeow!”? just like his. Or some purring? Who was making all these familiar sounds in the video? Something was definitely up there.

When the video finished playing, Luigi saw his Cat Mom running to Dad’s office screaming with excitement.  At this point Luigi was determined to find out what happened.  Hiding his big fluffy tail under his tiny body and ears back, Luigi sneakily proceeded  towards the office. When the door opened he was able to get a little peak.  “Oh, my!” it was something gray and fluffy!

The strange creature was the same shape as him with paws, big fluffy tail and fluffy fur. He rolled around like Luigi, sniffed the carpet, purred  and took naps. Luigi determined that the creature was nothing less but the same kind of cat, only gray color!  Maybe you didn’t have to be bird cat or a bunny cat, Luigi thought. Maybe being just a Cat was a great thing by itself and now Luigi was no longer the only one. He was surprised and happy by his discovery. Now Luigi had to get some sleep and he ran back to the living room.  He must remember to come back to the office in the morning and say hi to the new arrival.  Maybe he will be fun, thought Luigi as he curled into a ball and fell into the deepest sleep.


Luigi The Lion Cat and his brother Rocky

Luigi and his little brother Rocky