It was a crisp winter day and the sky was mostly cloudy.  Luigi The Lion Cat laid there on his window shelf, stretching his back and wondered why he disliked Mondays so much. Was it because everyone else disliked Mondays or because Monday meant doing all the hard work over again? In any case, Luigi thought that Mondays should be optional. As he strolled lazily passed his overly energetic brother Rocky, Luigi The Lion Cat wondered what he could do to eliminate Monday.

Mondays often started with the sound of Cat Mom’s alarm clock and late breakfast. For this reason, Mondays caused Luigi a great amount of kitty stress. Yawning very wide with his little tongue curled out, Luigi wanted to pretend it was still the weekend. Little feline decided that the first thing he must do is something relaxing, a Caturday-like activity. He immediately began about his business of grooming his luxurious locks starting from the tip of his tail all the way up to his ferocious feline mane. Grooming was very therapeutic for Luigi and he could do it for hours. Sometimes he even competed with his brother Rocky on who will last longer, Luigi always won of course.  As he looked at his kitty watch, Luigi realized that Monday was still there.

Exasperated, Luigi The Lion Cat knew only one way to solve his Monday blues problem. His Grandpa Cat taught him if you can’t fix it, sleep it away. Luigi quickly ran back to his favorite window and curled back into his blanket. Luigi yawned and readied himself for the sweetest feline dreams. He will be dreaming about far away lands with fluffy kitties and the tastiest tuna steaks. Hopefully when he wakes up it will already be Tomorrow.