Luigi the Lion Cat is now a big boy. Cat Mom can remember when he was a tiny kitten that fit in both of her palms. Comparing his old photos to new ones, Mom realized how her son turned from a little cub into a big Lion Cat. She was aware of how much he has grown and how smarter and cuter he gets every single day. Luigi the Lion Cat is now 3 years old. 3 wonderful years went by so quickly, it seemed like it was only yesterday when she got him from Mr. M. Luigi’s birthday was few weeks ago, so let me tell you the funniest and most adorable story about that day.

It was 14th of April, a warm Spring Thursday and Thursdays meant more napping time for Luigi the Lion Cat. The Cat parents were at work and he could spread his paws wherever he wanted to. But, this day was different. It was birthday time. Luigi was so excited about it and that’s why he couldn’t sleep. The little lion walked around the whole house, thinking of what his parents will give him as a birthday present. “The largest tuna steak in the whole world! Maybe as big as this house! Or maybe new friend?”, Luigi questioned himself while the patience slowly was running out. Somewhere around 6 o’clock the door opened and Cat Mom and Cat Dad arrived. Their son ran to the door and oh my, there wasn’t anything to be seen. “Okay, maybe not the largest tuna steak in the world, maybe it’s a small one hidden in mum’s purse… “, Luigi the Lion Cat meowed and followed them to the kitchen. They sat down to eat some Chinese food which they bought on the way home and talked like any ordinary dinner time. Luigi got really mad that his Mom and Dad had forgotten about his birthday. He went on the sofa and fell asleep with his grumpy face on. But little did he know, Cat Mom and Cat Dad prepared everything the same morning. They bought him a canned tuna steak (his favorite) and made him a cute cat cake with even cuter candle on it. Mom made a new adorable kitty bib in her craft shop and Dad assembled a whole kitty park in the living room with shelves so high you could touch the ceiling.

Tippy toeing, they came by the sofa and started singing happy birthday to their fluffy son. Luigi the Lion Cat woke up and he couldn’t believe what he saw! After all, Mom and Dad didn’t forget his birthday. “You tricked me, uh-huh, okay, I give you that…”, he pondered while eating the tuna steak and enjoying his surprise birthday party.