Luigi the Lion Cat was used to having his very own personal space. That is, until Maia the Marshmallow Bunny  came along. Ever since Maia moved in, he has struggled to keep certain things to himself. One of the belongings which was all too often being battled over was his favorite fluffy blanket. Maia the Marshmallow Bunny loved taking up space on his blanket. Now may have been plenty of room for the both of them in his cat mom’s opinion, but if you were to ask Luigi, this was all his. After a long and fretful day without naps, Luigi was particularly cranky though. This was not the day for Maia to mess with him.

Luigi The Lion Cat sneaking up on Bunny

When Luigi the Lion Cat pranced into the living room to see Maia on his favorite fluffy blanket, he had had enough. This was war. He approached her angrily and did not even ask nicely. Instead, he began to hiss. Maia the Marshmallow Bunny didn’t take kindly to the threat and decided she’d had enough of it as well. Soon, they were entangled in a fierce standoff that resulted in a staring contest of sorts. Nearly nose to nose, the pair stood enraged with one another. Luckily for them, mom noticed just in time.

If it hadn’t been for her, the duo may have gotten into serious trouble. Luigi the Lion Cat knew his mom would have the best solution as she always knew best. So when she sat the two down to talk, he listened intently. Mom determined that they were both to share the blanket just as siblings should. Despite the pleas Luigi gave her with his purrs and sweet innocent kitten eyes, she did not back down. He reluctantly agreed though. While Maia the Marshmallow Bunny may have won this round in a way, he was certain he’d have the last laugh. It would have to come after his nap though because it was his turn on the blanket for now.

Luigi The Lion Cat looking over at Maia Marshmallow Bunny