Luigi the Lion Cat loves ordinary days. When there are no obligations and when he can curl up in his Mom’s lap. She works so hard to treat him those delicious tuna steaks every day, so she needs rest after all. Luigi knows that purring in her arms is her favorite relaxing time. Who needs vacations and sauna when you have a fluff ball next to you, right? The adorable feline enjoyed those quiet days. Being alone with cat mum, watching bird movies on the big screen and playing with her hair bands were his favorite activities. The lion had everything just for himself. Luigi the Lion Cat isn’t too happy when holidays are on their way. “Too much stress for a king isn’t quite healthy”, he would think every day before some holiday. “My birthday is the only thing that should be celebrated… “.

Luigi the Lion Cat is not a big fan of Halloween. But he knows that his Cat Mom loves it, so he always tries to be happy about it. The last Halloween went pretty well. Of course, if you don’t count Luigi’s adventure that day. Cat Mom made an amazing cat bib for him, but instead of that, she decided that this year they should try a cat costume. Luigi is a Batman fan and that is why she dressed him as Batman himself. Or should I say Catman? Oh my, he looked so adorable in that black costume. Luigi the Lion Cat was a true superhero! With that cute Halloween costume came his grumpy face. That made him even more loveable and mum knew that the kids are going to adore him. The whole house filled with pleasing scent from all the candies and cookies that mum baked. The doorbell started ringing like crazy and mum was so cheerful and happy. “I know what will make her happier!” Luigi meowed and went in the kitchen. He had a huge weakness of her smile.

Luigi the Lion Cat grabbed some of the Halloween candies with his kitten teeth and went to join his mum on the trick or treat party. She was stunned when she saw her son enjoying the holiday. Well not enjoying, but at least he did that for her. Both of them welcomed the children at the door and treated them with yummy candies. “My lion is the best!”, she said proudly and kissed him on the forehead.