Luigi the Lion Cat is not your average feline. He loves to be admired by his surroundings, especially by his family. After all, a true lion king must be adored by everyone. This furry feline is the main inspector in the family. Luigi knows all the corners of his house and he has investigated all the stuff inside and outside the house. His investigation techniques include smelling and scratching. A true detective must always be with open eyes, nose and claws, right? There is nothing that can pass through the door that Luigi the Lion Cat won’t notice.

It was already 5 o’clock and mum wasn’t home from work yet. “Where is she?” Luigi got worried and sad. The minute he thought of that, the door opened and a big strange box entered the house. “Meow, we’re bringing strangers at home again, huh?” Luigi pondered.  Cat Mom came in and hugged her little lion, like she always did when coming home from work. She put her coat on the coat hanger and started opening the weird box. She pulled out a new mirror, but Luigi the Lion Cat didn’t quite understand this enormous object that was brought to his territory.

Cat Mom immediately placed the mirror in the hallway and left it there to be investigated and explored by her lion. She was aware of Luigi’s skills and she was sure that he will do his best. Cat Mom sat down on the sofa in the living room, from which she could see Luigi’s exploring actions. The little feline inspector first started to smell the new mirror. “What is this thing? I must make sure of its safety and purpose in my house!”. When he looked up, he made a silly weird face and mum couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Luigi the Lion Cat and the new mirror were an unspeakable sight. The little bar of fur started moving his paws on the mirror and running them all over it. Maybe he developed some new techniques, Mom pondered. She came closer to her son and tried to calm him and to explain to him that this is just another admirer of his Grace.

“Another admirer, you say? Well, he is gorgeous and soft and fluffy. Looks exactly like me. It is me, right? I am a handsome cat, mum!”, Luigi thought and kept his little lion head up while looking in the mirror and meowing at the same time. Cat Mom kissed him on the forehead and knew that she had the most adorable cat in the world.