Luigi the Lion Cat had several “favorite” napping spots in his home and he taught Maia the Marshmallow Bunny all of his best nap time tricks. So it was only natural for Maia to follow him when it came nap time in the home. For Luigi, this time occurred all throughout the day. One of the best spots in the entire house was always the couch. The couch was ideal because it left plenty of room for the both of them while allowing for premium seating in the home. He was within a stone’s throw of the kitchen making him the first to smell anything delicious being cooked. But they were also close to the front door where they could see the comings and goings of their favorite humans.

Maia the Marshmallow Bunny had noticed that the couch was finally free and glanced at Luigi the Lion Cat to alert him. They both pounced onto the big comfy couch soon snoring like an odd animal chorus of sorts. When mom and dad walked into the room to see where the loud sleeping sounds were coming from, they chuckled at the duo. The parents agreed that they seem to get along best when they’re sleeping. A few moments later, mom and dad found themselves pondering what lion cats and bunny rabbits dream about. Dad pictured Maia dreaming of carrots and meadows while Mom imagined that Luigi dreamed of tuna and jungles.

Neither one were completely correct, nor completely wrong. Luigi the Lion Cat was indeed dreaming of tuna much as Maia dreamt of carrots. However, in their slumber, both had envisioned themselves as royalty ruling over a large castle in a beautiful kingdom. While cooks and maids attended to their every desire, they indulged on sweet treats and delightful dishes without a care in the world. At this point however, their snoring had become so obnoxious that they woke themselves up. For now, the home would have to do as their castle. Mom and dad had thankfully begun making their lavish dinner.