Luigi the Lion Cat and Maia the Marshmallow Bunny have grown to become much more than roommates. They have become very close friends. Each day it seems that they find more and more about themselves which they share in common. One of their many common interests would have to be mirrors. You see as they each find themselves to be such gloriously stunning creatures, they simply adore looking at their reflections in the mirror. Most days, their cat mom didn’t even notice their overflowing self love. But this particular afternoon was different.

As Luigi the Lion Cat and Maia the Marshmallow Bunny pranced past the mirror, they had to do a double take. Their beauty was so captivating that they simply must gaze upon their reflection for a while. After all, they had nothing else to do. It wasn’t long before the dynamic duo began debating just who was the prettier of the two. Maia insisted that her long bunny ears were way out of Luigi’s league. On the other hand, the lion cat argued that his fierce mane was far superior to Maia’s. This went on for quite some time until they began to notice that they had an audience.

Behind their reflection they could see that their mother was watching with a big warm smile. Apparently, she had been listening to them for a long while as she seemed to know precisely what they had been bickering about. She walked over and gently patted them both before assuring the pair that each was magnificent in their very own unique way. Luigi the Lion Cat grinned. Mom always did know just the right thing to say to make everything better. He looked over at Maia and winked before following his mom to the kitchen in hopes of tuna steak.