Luigi the Lion Cat and his forever fur friend Maia the Bunny Rabbit often find themselves at odds. Whether they are competing for mom’s attention or for the coziest cushion on the couch, it is not at all uncommon for the pair to quarrel. They were always discovering interesting new ways to battle it out with one another. Once, they had a race. Of course, that did not end well and they ultimately argued over who had actually won. Unfortunately, this is how most of their competitions ended. 

On this day in particular, the dynamic duo were in conflict over Luigi the Lion Cat’s second favorite blanket. Their mom would usually presume they were just playing. But actually, Maia and Luigi were probably just bored and seeking fresh ways to pass the time. While Maia the Bunny Rabbit had placed her padded feet firmly on the blanket, Luigi stood up at his proudest earning his nickname after the fierce lions of Africa. The staring contest had begun.

Maia and Luigi engaged in one another’s gaze intently. Neither one blinked as several minutes passed. Though it seemed as though hours flew by for Luigi who began to grow hungry quite quickly, Maia was well aware it had been mere minutes and had no intention of backing down. Just then, there was a sharp and familiar crack. Luigi the Lion Cat’s mom was opening a can of tuna! As his stomach growled ever so loudly, Maia smiled inside knowing it would not be much longer.

Sure enough, Luigi suddenly turned and darted off towards the kitchen where his dinner dish awaited him. Before he rounded the corner however, he turned to glance at Maia once more. Maia the Bunny Rabbit grinned and curled up on Luigi’s blanket smugly. The winner of this match was clear.