On one very sunny Saturday morning, Luigi the Lion Cat and Maia the Bunny Rabbit’s mom was melting deeply into her favorite recliner. Her problematic pet pair decided that this was simply not the kind of morning for relaxation. They would have to work together to come up with a solution for their agonizing boredom. The only way to solve this conundrum would be to guilt mom out of her chair so she could take them outside for play time. But how would they do it?

Luigi the Lion Cat and his partner in crime, Maia the Bunny Rabbit ganged up putting their furry heads together to devise a master plan. The dynamic duo would stare mom down giving her the ultimate “stink eye” until she just couldn’t help but take them outside to frolic in the sunshine. And so, the cat and the rabbit proceeded with their plan. After getting comfortable, they began their unblinking stare in mom’s direction. 

After several minutes had passed, their beloved fur mom began to feel as though she was being watched. She tried to adjust herself in her seat to get comfortable, but couldn’t quite unwind anymore. The two grinned to themselves because they could feel it working. The ferocious feline and the beautiful bunny felt powerful in that moment. 

Finally, mom began to sit up and look around feeling something was amiss. It took less than a moment to realize that there were four eyes gazing upon her. “What are you two up to?” she asked. Luigi the Lion Cat glanced toward the back door and the rays of sun which shone through the clean glass. She immediately knew what they must want and caved letting them out the door and into the warm sunshine to frolic in the grass. It looked as though the partners in crime had come out on top once again.