Luigi the Lion Cat is not your average feline. Being the King of the whole house can be quite exhausting, even though it is the best cat job in the whole world. It has its perks, like getting your favorite dish (a tuna steak), being able to sleep anywhere, be patted, hugged and kissed from everyone in the house and of course, to be able to play with anything. Doing all of that, the little lion often could get tired and he would retrieve in his throne. King’s eyes must be rested for further ruling, right? Luigi the Lion Cat slept in lots of places that he finds cozy. He loved to crawl and spread out his paws on the living room sofa, in lots of boxes around the house, under the Batman cover, in his bunny friend Maia’s bed and of course, on that big bed next to his Cat Mom. Surrounded with soft pillows, Luigi always fell asleep too quickly.

It was one of the last days of the winter, one of those days when you don’t know what to wear and whether you should let your kitten out in the yard. A quiet Sunday morning, with the sun picking behind the leafless trees, a perfect timing for a cat nap.  Luigi just finished his breakfast and he didn’t know what to do. “What does a cat do after finishing breakfast? Napping, of course!”. So, while yawning he got up on the sofa and tried to sleep. “Nope, this doesn’t fit for me.”, Luigi the Lion Cat meowed as he moved on to the next napping place. He tried all of the usual places, but nothing seemed to satisfy his napping needs. The adorable fluff climbed on mum’s desk and started wondering where that heat is coming from. Being a smart cat as he is, the little lion quickly figured it all out. The laptop that was sitting on the desk is the perfect nap place! Thinking of that, Luigi lied on the laptop and fell asleep. You can only imagine what he was dreaming about. More tuna steaks, obviously!

Shortly after, Cat Mom came in the room in order to finish her work assignment and saw that it was already finished. Luigi the Lion Cat wrote a whole interesting story on her lap top. In his sleep! “What a smart cat I have…“, thought mum and laughed to the idea of bringing this story tomorrow to work.