Luigi the Lion Cat is not your average feline. He loves playing with few cat toys in his free time, like the pink toy rope he always paws. He is not the kind of a cat that makes mess all over the house while playing. Being a smart kitten like he is, Luigi had two or three favorite places in the house for playing. Therefore, mom was never worried that some day when she comes back from work, she’ll find chaos in their home. She was never disturbed while sleeping also, because Luigi the Lion Cat always snuggled beside her. They often slept together in mom’s bedroom, cuddled up under a light soft blanket.

But, something out of the ordinary happened that one Monday evening. Luigi and mom had their delicious dinner. The King had his favorite dish, a large tuna steak. His mom also wanted to cook herself something mouthwatering, so she grilled fish fillets and some rice. They ate together and like always, Luigi ate everything from his bowl, but she couldn’t finish the dinner. The leftovers from the plate ended up in the trash can. Mom and Luigi, with full bellies, rushed to the bedroom, curled up on the big soft bed and went to sleep. At least that’s what mom did. Tired from working the whole day in the office, she immediately fell asleep and started dreaming about summer vacation. Instead of sleeping, Luigi just laid there with his crystal eyes wide open, sparkling in the dark like two pearls. Not able to fall asleep, after a while, a brilliant idea crossed his mind: Fish fillets!

Quietly straightening up his furry body, Luigi the Lion Cat ran in the corner of the kitchen, looking for the trash can. He is a very smart cat, so opening the can was not a big problem. He pulled the little pieces of fillets one by one, landing them on the kitchen tiles. Closing the can made a loud thump which awoke Luigi’s mom. Scared like a mouse from a cat, she entered the kitchen within seconds and oh, what a surprise! She couldn’t believe her eyes – her son was eating the leftovers. A warm smile appeared on her face as she took Luigi in her arms. A true King, a true Lion King is always hungry, she said to him as they stretched on the bed and this time, fell asleep together.