Luigi the Lion Cat is not your average feline. Being an adorable weird cat as he is, each day he does something new that amazes both Cat Mom and Cat Dad. Luigi loves to sleep in their bed. And that’s it about normal sleeping places. In the old house, he had few favorite places, such as the kitchen sink or the living room shelf. The little lion especially loved the comfy sofa, where he would stretch out and lay that big fluffiness of his. It was the perfect place for morning naps, afternoon naps, night naps, and naps after eating a delicious tuna steak and even the perfect fit to enjoy watching movies and documentaries with Cat Mom. But, that’s long gone now. Luigi the Lion Cat now lives in a new home with Mom and Dad and the main task for this ferocious feline is to discover new favorite napping places.

“I could always try the cozy and warm laundry, if I don’t find anything else”, Luigi pondered, as he slowly walked around the house and explored all of the rooms within. He was sure that mom and dad won’t mind if he surprises them with snuggling at night.  Luigi also remembered about his own cat bed, but that’s not interesting enough! “So, there’s the laundry, mum and dad’s bed and my bed. What’s exciting about that?”, Luigi asked himself while looking for his new favorite sleeping place. Something that can fulfill the King’s needs. Suddenly, he bumped into some boxes that were left on the floor. Luigi the Lion Cat thought “I guess they remained there from the other day when mom and dad were unpacking…” and jumped up in one of the boxes. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep and started dreaming about eating the largest tuna steak in the world.

Few minutes after Luigi’s discovery, Cat Mom came back from the yard and started looking for her son. She couldn’t find him at first, but she knew that he must have found some new place for conquering. Cat Mom saw Luigi the Lion Cat curled in the box, with his fluffy paws placed on his face and immediately knew that he found a new favorite place to nap.