Luigi the Lion Cat loves to play games, when he’s not sleeping of course. Playing games can be tiring, you know? After a long 30 minutes play, a lion must rest for hours. This little feline didn’t want to play with ordinary stuff. Although he already has his bunny friend, Maia, Luigi enjoys playing with the most awkward things in the house. Of course, he is thinking “A true King chooses his own toys!”.  Mum knows that her son is not an ordinary cat, so she always lets him play with boxes around the house, with straws (especially if they’re red), with flowers – of course when he was not eating them instead. “Flower petals are good for my digestion, mum”, Luigi thought every time she rebuked him for chewing them.

Luigi the Lion Cat is very interested in technology. He loves to play on his dad’s Nintendo and his mum’s lap top. After all, we are living in an era of computers, smart phones and lots of other technologies. It was a quiet Wednesday night when mum got back from work. She greeted her lion with the usual hugs and kisses and moved on to opening the tuna steak can. “Dinner time for Luigi!”, the kitten pondered, while shaking his fluffy tail from happiness. Mum left him in the kitchen to quietly enjoy his meal and sat on the couch with the new tablet she bought to herself that same day. Luigi, being the investigator that he is, immediately ran to the sofa and started to watch everything that his mum did on that new weird stuff. “Um, she certainly bought this for me…”. Knowing her fluff so well, she installed a special game for cats and put the tablet on the floor in front of the white sofa. The game featured a tiny mouse that was moving across the screen. At first, Luigi the Lion Cat was scared of this new enemy, but then suddenly it was like he started to like it. “I must catch this little mouse and show my mum my catching skills!”, he thought while tapping on the tablet’s screen with those cute fluffy paws.

After a few more minutes of playing, the yawns started to show up. “Time for bed.”, he meowed and crawled like a ball on the bed. Mum knew that she bought the perfect thing, for both her and her adorable son.