It was a chilly winter Sunday, when Luigi The Lion Cat’s mom was cooking something highly pleasant to the taste. Luigi loved when mom cooked meat for lunch, his daydreaming was much more delightful. He also knew that Sunday was laundry day and that meant snuggling and swirling in the basket of linens. Luigi patiently waited on the kitchen table while watching mom’s gentle hands preparing the Sunday lunch. She also took notice of Luigi’s waiting and lovely smiled to him, saying: Come on dear, let’s compile your favorite clothing crib. Mom did the usual, taking the laundry out of the dryer and put them in the basket. But, she didn’t notice right away that Luigi was not following. He still stood on the table, like he was trying to think of some new cat mischief. Knowing him like the back of her hand, she just patted him and returned to her chores.

Luigi the Lion Cat loved curling up in piles of fresh and clean laundry. Every time his mom filled the basket with warm and frizzy clothes, he would quietly take the opportunity and curl himself like a little fluff ball and immediately fall into a catnap. Especially when there was wooly clothing in between, like his mom’s winter sweaters, he would stretch his tiny king’s paws and just lay there on his throne. Maybe he thought that he’s kind of camouflaged and all cats love hiding, don’t they?

This time, however Luigi was simply not in the mood for laundry. He made a little meow sound while yawning and decided to change his sleeping location.  Luigi went in the living room and parked his lion looking fur on the couch. With the scent of mom’s cooking in his little pink nose, Luigi quickly fell into his usual afternoon slumber. If you didn’t know, lion cats dream too – about all kinds of cat stuff. Food mostly, the mom thought when she looked in Luigi’s direction. This little lion cat in particular was dreaming about having a baby cat brother. He actually imagined the baby cat – tiny kitten with grayish pelt and prominent black nose. Luigi wondered if he would have fluffy paws and cute whiskers. Would he be playful and curious like himself or shy? Thoughts about his brother’s possible name overwhelmed his little head, making him run to the cat computer he got for Christmas. In his dream, Luigi was trying to find cute kitten names online: I didn’t realize that finding a unique cat name like mine was so hard!

A sudden pound coming from the kitchen awakened Luigi the Lion Cat. He quickly stood up and rolled out. Trying to forget the dream, he rushed into mom’s amiable and warm arms and became fully aware of the fact that after all, being the only cat in the house is not such a bad thing – he had the love of his mom all to himself.