Luigi the Lion Cat is not your everyday feline. His worried Cat Mom had to find this out the hard way. Why just the other day, Luigi had a cupboard incident. Usually when mom gets back from work, Luigi is always there to greet her with a warm welcome. But this day, when tired mother finally arrived, she was surprised by the fact that Luigi wasn’t there to say hello. Of course this has happened before, as sometimes even Luigi gets tired from all of his constant walking to his little food bowl, and then going ALL the way back to the couch 3 feet away. “Poor mother could never understand!” he thinks as he tucks in his marshmallow pillow.

But as time passed on, and mother took off her work stained clothes, Luigi was still missing in action… The sleeping action. “Luigi, where art thou?!” she announced, with a voice and accent befitting a true Lion Cat. But still, not a single lion’s meow was heard. She panicked, running around the house hoping to find her little furry son. Starting at his usual hiding (napping) places, she turned the whole house upside down. As all the couches’ pillows had gone flying through the room, Cat Mom soon realized that this was a serious situation.

But amidst the panic, a damp sound was heard. A solid “thump” sound, followed by a “meow” emerged from her cupboard, and she quickly ran towards the bedroom. And oh what a surprise, for when she opened the cupboard doors, she saw a little golden head poking its nose through the rabble of clothes. “Luigi, you naughty little kitten!” she said, and to this a single yawn was given in reply. Turns out, mother was in a hurry the same morning, and sneaky little Luigi took this opportunity to occupy a new napping place. To add insult to injury, not a single care on his face showed that he was stuck in there for the whole day. Overly joyed and in high relief, Luigi’s mom took him in her arms and off to the feeding station they went. Both hungry and exhausted, mother from the office and Luigi from his slumber, they chowed down their food and filled their bellies. As she ate her dinner, she looked at her son and thought to herself: What a silly cat I have.