Luigi the Lion Cat may not fear too many things. After all, he is a ferocious feline with nine lives. However, his cat dad’s collection of action figures would definitely have to count as one of the few things he finds rather scary. You see, his dad has been gathered a huge number of collectibles since he was very young. He even has a special case where he keeps them all to display. Luigi tends to stay far away from this case and the entire collection because their faces simply seem to stare at him wherever he goes.

One particularly rainy summer day, Luigi the Lion Cat had a terrifying encounter with the action figures in his dad’s display case. The fierce feline had followed his cat dad into the office to take a long nap by his feet while he worked at his desk. Unfortunately when he awoke from his sweet slumber, Dad had gone. After stretching and yawning for quite some time, he slowly walked to the door to find it closed. Dad had forgotten he was there! In Luigi’s panic, he looked around the room only to realize he was trapped alone with the action figures.

Frantically, Luigi the Lion Cat pawed and clawed at the door to the office. He meowed for his cat mom and dad to let him out. It seemed as though hours upon hours spanned by until he began to lose hope. Maybe his cat mom and dad had left while he was snoring. Thankfully just as those horrible thoughts entered his mind, he began to hear quick footsteps. The door cracked open uncertainly and his cat dad was standing there to rescue him. Luigi couldn’t even be mad at him for he was so relieved that the action figures hadn’t attacked. That was the day Luigi vowed never to fall asleep again. Well, at least not in the office.