Some cats might agree that Juno The Angry Cat looked like an angry cat. He had a very large gray mane with dark floofy face and yellow eyes and his face look set in a scowl. However, Juno loved to play, especially with his sister Havana. She considered herself to be the queen of the house and liked to play with her grumpy looking brother, even when he wasn’t in the mewd to play.

Juno The Angry Cat and Havana loved to play at night when their humans were sleeping. They ran around the whole house going on fun adventures. Juno was definitely the leader of these adventures, and Havana liked to encourage him to take her to places they haven’t yet explored.

Juno Meets Pete Ghost

One purrfect winter night, Juno and Havana were on their usual rampage of the house. They were in the living room, rolling around the floor and jumping over the Cat tree, when suddenly they heard a meowing sound coming from behind the couch. Juno and Havana stopped playing, their ears perked up and tails moving slowly back and forth.  The sound of “Mew” was so soft, they knew it had to be a kitten. Juno was shocked! They never heard another cat in the house before, other than their siblings, what could it be? They decided to approach it slowly  and with caution.

All of a sudden a little black kitten jumped out! They gasped. “Juno,” Havana whispered, “Do you see the black cat?” she hid behind Juno’s giant fluffy body. Juno slowly walked up to the intruder and sniffed him. “Who are you?” Juno asked, giving him his menacing look “And what are you doing in our house?” The black kitten looked at them and smiled. “My name’s Pete! I’m a ghost kitty. I’ve lived in this house a long time. Would you like to play with me? Juno and Havana stared at each other; neither of them knew what a “ghost kitty” was, but they liked Pete with his big grin and fangs.

Juno’s grumpiness disappeared as he was happy to find a new play pawtner, so he spoke up. “Well, okay. What would you like to play?” “Well,” said Pete, “My favorite game is hide and seek. Havana and I will hide and you can find us, Juno. Ready set hide!” And Pete ran off. Havana stared at Juno, slightly confused. “I guess I’ll go hide!” and Havana ran off after Pete, disappearing into the dark.

Juno and Havana on the tree

Juno The Angry Cat felt very confused by Pete the ghost kitten. Why hadn’t they seen him any other night, or during the day? Was Cat Mom keeping him as a secret cat from them? Juno shook away these thoughts, shaking his big fluffy mane. He ran off, determined to find Havana and Pete so he could be the winner of this silly game.

It was very easy to find Havana, her gray tail was sticking out from the curtain, moving back and forth. “Gotcha!” Juno yelled, scaring Havana and making her jump. “Let’s go find Pete,” Havana whispered. Juno and Havana wandered all night. They looked in all their favorite places-under the couch, behind the litter box, in the closets-but Pete was nowhere to be found. It was like he disappeared into the nothingness. He must be a good hider, Juno thought.

Exhausted from this long investigative work Juno and Havana decided it was time to go to sleep.  Curled up on their favorite cat tree, they fell into a deep slumber. From that day on, Pete occasionally appeared and joined Juno and Havana on their nightly adventures. He told them lots of stories about other ghost kitties that were his furriends.

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