We had been a 6-cat household pretty much since the early 2000’s.  Domino, the only female, age 12, and Winston, age 11, are the last remaining members of the original 6. I, Kaspurr,  joined the family in 2011 after the untimely passing of Skyler, a Flame Point Himalayan, to cancer.  I knew I had some pretty big paw prints to fill because not only was Skyler the sweetest, most gentle creature and Mom’s favorite, but he was also a superstar, having already won 10 photo contests in his 9 short years.  Little did Mom Kathy and Grandma Bea know that they weren’t just gaining me, they were also gaining a wonderful friend in my first Mom and breeder, Marianne Spaziani.  And little did I know that in a very short time, I would soon become the feline head of household and the “go to” cat for Mom and Grandma.


Domino paws crossed

In the next couple of years, 2 more of our brothers joined Skyler at the Rainbow Bridge; K.C. and Simba, both to cancer also at relatively young ages.  I became a source of comfort to Mom and Grandma and also to my remaining housemates.  I comfort the others if they are sad or sick and am the peacekeeper if any of them get into a disagreement.  After K.C.’s passing, Mom Marianne promised that she would someday produce a Himalayan kitten as a gift for us in remembrance of him.  Since there were only 4 of us at the time, Mom Kathy said that we would also like to add another Shaded Silver Persian to the family sometime too.

Mom Kathy and Mom Marianne kept in touch regularly with Mom Kathy sending her lots of photos of me, which she put on her Madison’s Doll Face Persians Facebook page.  I began getting lots of likes and followers, and Mom Kathy, not being on social media, wasn’t one of them.  Mom Marianne encouraged Mom Kathy to join Facebook, so in 2013, she started a Facebook profile for me as Kaspurr Lynch.  I made so many wonderful friends and soon began sharing photos of not just me but of my other housemates.

Kaspurr and Blaze photosession

Blaze joined us from a local Himalayan cattery in 2013, and then there were 5 of us.  Less than a year later, Pyewacket, our youngest Tonkinese, died tragically of congestive heart failure at age 8.  Mom Kathy had resigned herself to thinking that maybe we just weren’t meant to be a family of 6 cats ever again.

Then 2015 began, and it started raining kittens!  On February 19, Mom Marianne sent a video of Karrington a few minutes after birth.  He was the only kitten in the litter, and he was ours.  I was so excited because Karrington is, in fact, my uncle, despite being 4 years younger than me—my grandmother is his mother.  Later that very same day, Mom Kathy received an e-mail from our Tonkinese breeder offering us an Australian Tonkinese kitten from a litter of 3.  He was the only one that was going to a family, and she wanted us to be that family.  The other 2 kittens were staying with the breeder and going on to become show cats.  Still grieving Pyewacket, Mom and Grandma weren’t sure they were ready for another Tonk but agreed to go meet him.  That weekend, they traveled to her home in Bolton, Massachusetts and an hour later, were en route home with Sydney purring happily on Grandma’s lap.  What sold them on him?  Upon learning of his Australian lineage, Mom immediately knew that she would name him Sydney should they adopt him.  Mom didn’t tell the breeder this, but when she placed him in Mom’s lap, Mom asked her, “what have you been calling him up to now,” and she replied, “Sydney.”  It was just meant to be.

Winston and Sydney


Now the wait was on for Karrington to arrive, which he did to much fanfare at the end of May.  He was hand delivered from New York by Mom Marianne and my Aunt Cindy.  We had a big welcome party, complete with cake and balloons and a sign on the front porch that read, “It’s a Persian.”  Yes, our neighbors think Mom is crazy!

Karrington taking photos

With 6 photogenic subjects now, Mom was constantly taking pictures and posting them to Facebook.  There were just too many of us to fit into my profile, and at the urging of our friends at Bentley’s World page, Mom decided to start a page featuring all of us.  I’m still the star so she chose to name it “Kaspurr & Kompany.”  I gave some of my friends quite a scare when I announced on June 30 that it would be my final post.  Then on July 1—surprise! Kaspurr & Kompany was launched.

The summer passed and life was finally back to normal at the Lynch household with 6 cats again.  Everyone was happy and content, especially Mom and Grandma, with all the joy we bring them.  On the first day of September, Mom Kathy opened Facebook to find photos of Mom Marianne’s Himalayan litter, just born the night before.  Apparently, fate had decided that we were meant to be a household of 7 cats!

 The fall months went by, and Kashmir, although the smallest, stood out as the star of the litter.  Mom Marianne told Mom Kathy, “he’s the one.”  So a couple of weeks before Christmas, Mom Kathy and Karrington traveled to Binghamton, New York to pick up Kashmir and visit some of my and Karrington’s relatives.  Kashmir settled right in and is quickly becoming the star of the household.  I better watch out for this one!

Adorable Kashmir Cat

I’ve been here almost 5 years now, and I’m loving my life.  I’ve been blessed with 2 wonderful Moms, an adoring Grandma, loving housemates, and fantastic Facebook friends.  The past 5 years have taught me a lot.  We kitties enrich our families’ lives, and we love you back just as much as you love us.  But always remember that our time here is so much shorter than yours, and the years have a way of just flying by.  Hug us a little tighter, kiss us a little longer, and treasure every moment you have with us.  The joy of sharing your life with a cat (or 7!) is well worth it.

Visit Kaspurr & Kompany Facebook Page.

Kaspurr and Company sitting on the bed